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Natural Environments

With surprises around every bend.

You completed the Grand Slam, stalked the Big 5 and have hunted your entire life. Now you seek a wildlife display that characterizes your exploits in a personalized and unique way. Our hyper-realistic scenes recapture the surroundings of your hunt down to the last detail. We recreate every bug, blade of grass, tree, animal track, and rocky crag with such exacting detail that your hunting trophy room will transport you back in time to the day your adventures began.

Exceptional Details

Precision Realism

Custom Trees & Habitats

Proprietary Molding Process

Authentic Storytelling

Hunter Trophy Rooms

Display your trophies in realistic, natural habitats customized to your exploits. We take precision molds of actual outdoor objects to fashion exceptional indoor environments with unrivaled detail. Recapture the thrill of the hunt when you display your trophies in true-to-life African savannah grasses, baobab trees, indoor rock faces, mountains and water holes.

Museums & Nature Centers

Captivate visitors with precise environmental recreations. We painstakingly recreate scenes from nature to craft accurate habitat representations. Our artisans craft hand-painted murals, custom-molded plants and trees, and other environmental representations to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor exploration. Add in unique artifacts to create scientifically accurate and technically precise environmental displays.

Outdoor Retail

Showcase the environment at your outdoor retail stores with detailed environmental recreations. We design realistic, natural habitats that transport your customers to realistic representations of places they’ve been and the places they long to go. Add in unique artifacts and realistic taxidermy mounts for an exciting, true-to-life environmental visual treat.

Attractions & Theming

Transport visitors to new locations with authentic, themed environmental recreations. Let your chosen theme tell a story that takes visitors to exotic locations. Our artisans hand paint murals, create custom-molded trees and plants, and other life-like representations for the theme of your choosing. Add in themed artifacts to complete the experience.

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