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Our Process

We engage, excite and educate as we create hyper-realistic natural settings for your business, home, resort, theme park or nature center. Our process for every environmental scene is basically the same; one based on quality over quantity and aimed at realistic representations and customer satisfaction.

Our Step by Step System

  1. Just the Facts. Our work begins with a fact-finding mission. We want to know your expectations for the exhibit or installation. Have you harvested all the animals you plan to harvest? Or will you add more over the years? Where will this room or installation go? Who will view it? What is its purpose? The answers to these questions impact the custom aspect of our designs.
  2. Digital Density Study. We drive our process with digital design, which begins with a space volume study. This lets us scale and position animals and artifacts into designated space. Our basic rendering tells us if there is enough space to accomplish your goals.
  3. Digital Rendering. The second step of our digital design process is a full-color, two-dimensional rendering that paints a picture of how the installation will look once we place artifacts, animals and murals in it. Clients can choose between hand-painted and printed murals.
  4. Budget Process. We present several options on every project. Each available option is a step up from the previous one. We share the costs of each upgrade. Though clients can add artifacts and other upgrades later, it’s best to do so in during the planning stages. We require a 50% deposit to move forward.
  5. Set a Date. A delivery date, that is. We keep this date flexible as our focus always  stays on quality.
  6. Mold artifacts. We can mold anything from trees to rocks, branches to cactuses by creating molds of actual objects. Our artisans design every molded artifact for the environment it will be in. This means we use different materials, paints and coatings depending on the human traffic and touches expected.
  7. Sensory Appeal. With artifacts, animals and murals in hand, we partner with construction contractors, electricians, and audio-visual professionals to deliver the right mix of audio, light and sound.
  8. Our work is done. Time for you and others to enjoy your hyper-realistic nature installation.

Let’s Get Started

Reach out to create hyper realistic, natural environments with surprises around every bend.

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