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Cleaning, Restoration & Bug Prevention

Nature installations holding taxidermy specimens contain organic materials that demand specialized care and conservation treatments to protect and keep them looking pristine. Taxidermists treat mounts to prevent pests, but over time mounts can wear and become infested with parasites.

Bug Prevention

Moths and bugs can damage your mounts as they devour their hair and fur. Taxidermists treat animals with solutions that deter bugs. But bugs can still invade mounts once installed in your hunting trophy room or nature exhibit. Our specialized bug prevention process treats your taxidermy specimens and eradicates bugs. We follow up later to ensure we got them all, and if necessary, apply another treatment. Once they are gone, we return annually to clean and restore mounts, and apply insecticide.

Keep It Clean

We carefully clean hunting trophies, murals and artifacts to remove dust and dirt, oil, stains and contaminants. After we finish, your room will smell fresh and be dust and odor free. Our annual cleaning process includes polishing antlers, eyes, and hooves to restore them to a healthy, lifelike shine.

Scratches and Dents

The artifacts in nature environments also can dull or become scratched. We touch up all damage caused by daily use. Our experts fix broken branches, scratches, fading and flaking paint, and more to keep nature environments looking like new. Sun takes a toll too. We repaint and touch up murals and artifacts to keep colors bright and realistic.

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