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Details matter when creating realistic environmental scenes. We fill every habitat—whether we’re recreating an African safari, a Grand Slam hunt, a desert or water scene—with the plants, bushes, trees, grasses, rocks and insects you’d find there.

Trees, Bushes and Shrubs

We produce lifelike trees, bushes and shrubs for environmental installations. Our artisans fabricate mighty oaks to acacia trees to African baobab trees using a proprietary process for botanically accurate replications ready for hunting trophy rooms, museums and nature centers, or themed resorts. We can custom-make trees in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any space.

Indoor Mountain

We produce elegant and functional indoor mountain designs that mimic every rock crevice and crag with exacting detail. Our proprietary process takes molds from actual rock faces found in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, California and other locales for true-to-life representations. We make our structural rock to be used. You can even walk on it!

Water Taxidermy

From an African water hole with thousands of animal tracks to a waterfall, we construct realistic water habitats and weave in your taxidermy mounts to transport visitors to exotic locations. We use a proprietary process to take molds from water holes, lakes, rivers and more, and work with you to customize the space.

Grasses, Reeds and More

We produce savannah and prairie grasses, reeds and even wildflowers with a realistic feel. Our team of artisans takes precision molds of actual plant life to create detailed botanical replicas for your environmental installation. We customize every blade of grass with exacting detail to authentically tell your outdoor story.

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